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Our Story

Meet the Founder

Justin Myers, CEO

Justin is a disabled combat veteran who honorably served for over six years as a Gunners Mate in our United States Navy. He is most known throughout our military and local communities for his gallant actions during the 2010 pirate attack on the amphibious dock landing ship, the U.S.S. Ashland. His valiant efforts led to the first judicial conviction for piracy in over 200 years, thus gaining the nickname "Pirate Hunter".

Since transitioning out of the service, Justin has been solely focused on utilizing his military skill sets within the civilian business world to progressively develop into a Sales and Business Operations Professional. He attended Charleston Southern University, where he now serves on the Board of Visitors. To express his dedication to help veterans, Justin contributes to scholarships to aid in the transition for these students from military specialists to business professionals. He is now provides expert business advice and focuses on providing the tools for taking the skill sets developed inside the military and effectively applying them to not only the civilian business world, but to improve and develop one’s overall life. His self-proclaimed intonation, #ExcellenceExpected, is not just a hashtag, but is a mindset that helps support his dedications and wants for the rest of the world. 

Justin is the former VP of, Inc., one of America’s most versatile online signage companies, providing top quality signage for many of the Fortune500 companies, as well as over 190,000 small business across the United States and Internationally.

In December 2017, Justin resigned from his position as VP to fulfill his life’s highest purpose: to develop the Veteran Community as well as those seeking to elevate their life. 

In April 2018, he officially founded Signs By Veterans where his mission is to continue veteran development through selfless service for their clients. Justin believes that generating purpose in veterans will truly decrease the suicide numbers down from the current 22 a day. 

Justin is recognized throughout the industry as a leading expert, and influencer. He has been featured in Signs of the Times and Sign Builder Magazine. He was Nominated for Forbes 30Under30, achieved top 3 finalist for Digital Output’s International Sign Application of the Year in 2017, and has appeared on over 30 different podcasts.

You can follow Justin on Facebook at @JustinMyersEnterprise And on Instagram at @Ma5terguns